Data Security


Have you ever had a system fail and lost hours of work because you had no backup? Do you remember a time when your USB stick decided it didn’t want to work and it was only then that you realised that it contained the only copy of that important file you needed?

After working with digital systems for over three decades we can tell you that these things happen more often than you might think. Although we don’t like to admit it, we all know that at some point in business there’s more than a chance that they will.

Rather than using scaremongering tactics and media headlines when asking you to consider the safety of your data, we simply ask that you let us carry out an audit of your existing systems and answer a few questions about your required level of reliance on your systems.

The answers that come out of this will indicate how safe ­ or unsafe ­ your data really is. From there we look at how to improve your situation if that is necessary and then help you implement solutions that work for to keep your data safe. Sometimes all that is required is some simple training to raise awareness of issues.

If, however, we decide that more needs to be done to secure your data then we’re happy to advise on and implement a solution for you as well as supporting you going forward with training and regular health checks on the system.

As a business the impact of any data loss can have a major impact on your reputation and cashflow. With our help you won’t be one of the unfortunate ones who calls us to ask about data recovery!

Ready To Secure Your IT Future?

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