Bespoke Solutions


With so many options to choose from when running your business it’s often tough to find one solution that meets all of your requirements. You’ll probably end up paying for several packages that each does part of what you need but never actually getting a single system that works the way you do.

Before wasting money on more solutions you should ask about our bespoke solutions. With a bespoke solution you and your business will benefit in several ways:

You’ll have a system that works as you do and that you actually understand.

A key part of building a bespoke solution is the learning stage where we take time to learn about your business, understand what issues you’re facing and offer suggestions as to how we can help remove them. Combining this understanding with your input and our skills results in a solution that perfectly fits your business.

Your return on investment will be higher than with off­ the­ shelf packages.

Many businesses buy software that they think will do the job but end up not maximising the return on their investment because it doesn’t quite work how they expected it to. Packages are becoming so complex that on average a user may only actually need 50% of what they buy. That kind of ROI seems pretty crazy doesn’t it?

Your system won’t become obsolete or outdated as your business needs change.

A bespoke solution can be expanded as your business changes. Any new features will fit seamlessly into the existing system rather than being a ‘bolt­-on’ that needs more work than it solves. This reduces training time and limits down time.

You have continued support from the developer of your solution.

With our bespoke solutions you’ll have direct access to those who build the system and you know your business ­can say goodbye to lengthy calls to support centres! As proactive developers, we’ll also keep you up to date with any developments that we think you need to know about or that may impact how you use your system.



A crucial part of creating a bespoke solution is the learning stage.<br /> This is where we take time to learn about your business, understand what issues you’re facing and offer suggestions to overcome them. Combining your input with our experience results in a solution that works the way you need it to.



The planning stage is where we pull all of our ideas together and start to plan the interface design, navigation and overall operation of your solution. The details noted in this stage ensure that when we move on to the creation stage we’ll know what you need and how we’re going to implement it to maximise the benefits.



Using rapid application development tools combined with 'in the field' experience we create the code which is the engine of your solution. On top of this we design an interface that will make interacting with your system a pleasure. We’ll keep you updated on progress and get your feedback throughout this stage.



On the agreed installation date we’ll install your solution, hook up any extra hardware that is required and run some serious tests with the kind of data that you’d usually expect the system to handle. Once everyone is happy that everything is performing as it should will we step back and let you begin to see for real the benefits that your new solution brings.



Once your solution is installed and running, we’ll be here to support you and ensuring that your system continues to run smoothly. As your business expands and you may think of new features that would help you then we’re more than happy to build these and implement them for you.

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