Who? What? Why?

Your Questions Answered.

As we’ll be working together I think it’s only fair that you should get to know something about me and why I’m so passionate about the kind of work I carry out with my clients.

My name is Jason Hicking and over the past thirty years I’ve worked in a variety of roles involving many aspects of IT including technical support, customer services and systems management, mainly within the print, photography and digital imaging sectors.

From 2004 to 2015, I owned my own company providing print, imaging and support services to photographers and studios around the United Kingdom.

Working on projects as diverse as setting up small home offices through to leading the systems team for a group of 16 regional weekly newspapers has given me an insight into the strategies required to build a successful system.

So what was the common factor in these roles?

Simply that the success of each of them depended on effective systems to fulfil the tasks required.

My aim is now to share my passion for technology with business owners and to help them become more efficient and productive by working smarter rather than harder.

I genuinely enjoy taking time to learn about your business, understand the problems you face and providing effective solutions to overcome them.

By investing in a bespoke system your business gains a solution that works the way it does. You don’t pay for features that you don’t need, you receive direct support and your system can be expanded as and when needs arise.

By reducing errors and improving efficiency you become more productive, lower costs, increase profits and get more time to concentrate on actually ‘doing business’. An upside to this is that you also get more time to spend with family and friends – say goodbye to sharing your weekends with your computer and a bunch of spreadsheets!

Now that you’ve learnt a little about our solutions and their benefits why not tell me how I can help your business? See the Contact page for details of how to reach out to us.

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